Metal and halogen free heat-stabilizer for PA in E&E applications

Avoiding contact corrosion

Brüggemann’s newly developed Bruggolen TP-H2062

Developed with E&E applications in mind, Bruggolen TP-H2062 is a new metal and halide free heat stabilizer for polyamides offering sustained protection in a temperature range of 120 °C to 170 °C. Providing electrically neutral stabilization it prevents contact corrosion while at the same time keeping the mechanical properties of the compounds high even after long-term aging. TP-H2062 is available as a dust-free, highly dispersible masterbatch. Depending on the application, its dosage can be adjusted to meet a wide range of temperature levels and profiles. Compounders supplying the E&E industry have for long been searching for a metal and halide free heat stabilizing additive to preserve the integrity of polyamide components at elevated temperatures as well as electrical properties like CTI, without causing electrical corrosion.

Now, Bruggolen TP-H2062 overcomes the drawbacks of both classic copper iodide and phenolic based antioxidants. The first mentioned offer a superior long term protection for polyamides all the way up to 180°C, but they contain halides which can promote electrical corrosion as a reason for component failure, being highly critical for sensitive sensors, connectors and similar applications. This is not the case for phenolic based additive packages, but their protection capability rapidly decreases at temperatures above 120 °C, losing their effectiveness beyond 150 °C. Dr. Kristina Frädrich, Product Manager Polymer Additives, comments: “With our new Bruggolen TP-H2062 we are now able to offer a highly efficient and cost competitive product, satisfying an urgent need of the industry. It is a powerful addition to our heat-stabilizer portfolio for E&E applications.”