Plazar Manutention delivers nine overhead cranes to accompany the production of machine tools at Jouanel

Overhead travelling cranes

Plazar Manutention, specialist in industrial lifting and partner of Verlinde manufacturer of lifting equipment in the Centre region, has designed and commissioned nine overhead travelling cranes from its long-standing customer. The installer is also in charge of maintenance of the fleet of lifting equipment, which includes a total of 30 cranes, as well as their preventive maintenance.

Plazar Manutention assists its customers in the design and choice of handling solutions for loads ranging from 60 to 80,000kg. It carries out preliminary studies for the installation of new equipment, for the modernization and upgrade of existing equipment and also takes care of their maintenance. The installer’s objective is to ensure the availability and maintenance of the lifting and handling equipment during their entire life-cycle. Since its creation in 2001, Plazar Manutention has chosen Verlinde as its supplier of new equipment.

Since its creation, Plazar Manutention has been in charge of the maintenance of the lifting equipment of Jouanel, a French manufacturer of machine tools and tools for the fine sheet metal industry located in Indre-et-Loire. When Jouanel decided to build an extension to its existing buildings to support its production growth, it naturally consulted Plazar Manutention. Plazar Manutention was involved in the project design from the very outset: it recommended the installation of overhead cranes instead of the non-motorized gantry cranes envisaged, for ergonomic reasons.

The speed of design, manufacture and start-up operations was appreciated and decisive in Jouanel's choice: in 2021, Plazar Manutention took only three months to complete the order for the nine cranes. "We responded to the call for tenders by Finhal Group (which owns Jouanel) and we were selected for our reactivity and the quality of our services at a competitive price. “The fact that we are based in the vicinity also counted", said Mr. Jean-François Desveaux, Manager of Plazar Manutention. Indeed, Jouanel shows its willingness to promote French industrial know-how as well as a strong territorial anchorage.

A significant achievement

The new Jouanel building comprises four halls. The nine overhead cranes are designed to handle metal bars and transfer machine tools. They were delivered with Verline Eurobloc electric wire rope hoists for loads from 800 to 80,000 kilogram. These models were designed with technical features that met the most common requirements of industrialists in order to focus on the essential. Standard equipment includes a load limiter, a lift limit switch, two steering speeds and an IP55 electrical box. Jouanel already had Verlinde lifting equipment in its existing production buildings, and was satisfied with their strength and reliability. In the new extension, the equipment has been working perfectly since it was put into service and has given complete satisfaction. Mr. Emmanuel Halle, Director of Jouanel, concludes: "We chose the Plazar company for three reasons: the manufacture of the cranes is carried out in Touraine, we have been using Verlinde equipment since 1986 without any technical problems, and the service and reactivity of the Plazar company. I wish the Plazar-Verlinde tandem continued success in the future.