Ethylene plant built by Linde in Saudi Arabia

Linde and Shell announce an exclusive collaboration agreement on ethane-oxidative dehydrogenation (E-ODH) technology for ethylene production. The catalytic process is an alternative route to ethane steam cracking, offering the potential of economic advantages, acetic acid co-production and significantly lower overall carbon footprint through electrification of power input. The two companies have been developing E-ODH independently for many years and this new collaboration brings together their complementary patent...


Freudenberg Metflex Diaphragm

In the safety-driven natural gas industry, system leaks are a dangerous and costly issue. Residential gas meters and regulators, in particular, are at risk when crucial components such as diaphragms are not optimally designed and manufactured for the environment in which they will work. An advanced polymer technology, trademarked by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ Metflex Precision Moulding organization, addresses these challenges with fiber-reinforced materials that improve the reliability, functionality and...

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Kaneka Belgium and De Decker-Van Riet deploy LNG trucks with lower CO2 emissions for long-distance transport

The first LNG truck, powered solely by liquefied natural gas, left Kaneka Belgium in Westerlo-Oevel on its way to Germany. The brand-new LNG trucks of transport company De Decker - Van Riet will be used exclusively for the international transport of Kaneka MS Polymer. This partnership enables both companies to combine their policy on innovation and sustainability to contribute towards a better climate and innovation and embed sustainability into their strategy more deeply. Having obtained the ‘Lean & Green’...

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White Paper on digitization in catalysis research published

Unlocking the enormous wealth of catalysis research data: This is the aim of a new initiative of the German Catalysis Society (GeCatS). In the recently published white paper "The Digitalization of Catalysis-Related Sciences", experts from academia and industry outline how "digital catalysis" can accelerate research processes and lead to new insights.