Presentations on the E-Mobility Stage at CWIEME Berlin 2024

CWIEME Berlin welcomed more than 6,700 visitors to the Berlin Exhibition Centre from 14 to 16 May 2024 for the trade fair for the electrotechnical industry. Over 600 exhibitors presented their latest developments in the fields of coil winding, insulation and electrical engineering in five halls, with several new products being unveiled over the three days. Visitors from over 80 countries were able to gather information on the CWIEME main stage and the e-mobility stage. This year, the main stage was sponsored by Shell...

Special: The smarter E Europe 2024

EM-Power Europe 2024 presents a wide range of solutions for more digitalization and flexibilization

Electricity generation from renewable energies is currently driving the energy transition forward at a rapid pace. However, sun and wind cannot be switched on and off as required. This presents the future energy system with a number of new challenges. One key aspect is that a significantly higher degree of flexibility will be required than today in order to keep the supply and consumption of electrical energy in balance around the clock and every day of the year. Flexible consumers can and must make a significant...


Flir developed a sensitive, cooled midwave thermal imaging camera for inspection and automation applications

Flir, a Teledyne Technologies company, has developed the "Flir A6301", a highly sensitive, cooled mid-wave thermal imaging camera designed for 24/7 inspection and automation applications aimed at making production lines more efficient and improving product quality. This new camera provides a new level of thermal imaging capability for process control and quality assurance applications in the manufacturing industry.

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Kuka robots at Enorm Biofactory fill a new crate every seven seconds

In Denmark, larvae breeding and robot technology are being combined to create a sustainable solution for the global food supply: Scandinavia's largest and first commercial insect farm, Enorm Biofactory, is utilising the efficiency of the black soldier fly and the precision of Kuka's Hygienic Oil robots to produce a climate-friendly source of protein. In the heart of Denmark, 50 kilometres southwest of Aarhus, a literally moving spectacle takes place day after day and almost around the clock in a factory building:...

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From society to politics to industry - everyone acknowledges that a functioning circular economy is necessary to meet climate goals. Everyone also agrees that the use of recyclates must be significantly increased. But there are a number of obstacles and problems along the way. For example, not enough recyclates are available in sufficient quantity and suitable quality.