Proseal offers Heat Sealing Masterclasses to food retailers

Tray sealing specialist Proseal has developed a special training course to help customers further improve the quality of their film sealing. The company’s Heat Sealing Masterclass shows food retailers and their suppliers the various steps required to meet an ideal standard of sealing for their particular applications, and delivers expert advice on best practice and material usage. The class provides participants with a set of practical solutions to solve and prevent the most common sealing issues. As part of this,...


R&S ZNA performing on-wafer measurements together with Form-Factor Summit 200 probe system

Rohde & Schwarz now offers a test solution for full RF performance characterization of the DUT on-wafer which combines the powerful R&S ZNA vector network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz with industry-leading engineering probe systems from Form-Factor. As a result, semiconductor manufacturers can perform reliable and repeatable on-wafer device characterization in the development phase, during product qualification and in production.

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Building the biggest data center in the Baltics

Greenergy Data Centers has recently built a new, large-scale data center in Tallinn, Estonia. Part of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI), it’s the most modern and energy-efficient data center in the region. 3SI was launched in 2015 by the countries of the Adriatic, Baltic, and Black Seas to pursue joint public policy goals for transport, energy, and digital infrastructure. The individual projects are implemented by the private sector with funding from the 3SI Investment Fund. The goal is to improve connections between...

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From society to politics to industry - everyone acknowledges that a functioning circular economy is necessary to meet climate goals. Everyone also agrees that the use of recyclates must be significantly increased. But there are a number of obstacles and problems along the way. For example, not enough recyclates are available in sufficient quantity and suitable quality.