Sesotec White Paper: Use of recyclates in plastics processing

Requirements for the process technology


From society to politics to industry - everyone acknowledges that a functioning circular economy is necessary to meet climate goals. Everyone also agrees that the use of recyclates must be significantly increased. But there are a number of obstacles and problems along the way. For example, not enough recyclates are available in sufficient quantity and suitable quality. 

This is due to the fact that recycled plastics are very heterogeneous in composition (type of material, color, foreign bodies). In addition, the prices for recyclate are rising very fast. Innovative process technology is needed to improve profitability and reduce the risk involved in the use of recycled plastic materials.

The new white paper from Sesotec: Concentrated information about "Using recycled materials in plastics processing" In the new Sesotec White Paper "Using recycled materials in plastics processing" you will learn about
… why there is increasing pressure on plastics processors to use more recyclate
… the differences between post-consumer and post-industrial recyclate
… the problems plastics processors may face when using recyclate
… how to future-proof your processes to effectively handle increasing volumes of recyclate 

The Sesotec white paper is available for free download here.

Sesotec - an overview

Sesotec customers in the food, plastics and recycling industries face the challenge of combining sustainability and profitability. With intelligent technologies and services for foreign object detection, material sorting and analysis, Sesotec contributes to resource-saving and highly efficient production. Since 1976, Sesotec has been developing and building high-tech systems for a wide range of requirements in close cooperation with customers around the world, so that products of the highest quality can be manufactured with maximum added value and waste of resources can be avoided. In this way sustainable and high-quality production pays off for people, the environment and industry.

In addition to its headquarters in Germany, Sesotec is represented by a total of six subsidiaries in Singapore, China, USA, India, Canada and Thailand, as well as by over 60 partners in all major markets of the world.