Associate membership: Vetter admitted to the vfa

CDMO is committed to strengthening Germany as a research and production location

Vetter is a partner for research-based pharmaceutical companies in the development, manufacture and packaging of complex injectable drugs

As a globally active Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), Vetter has joined the German Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies vfa as an associate member. With this special membership, the vfa recognizes the significant role that the pharmaceutical service provider plays in the field of complex injectable drugs. Vetter supports research-based pharmaceutical companies worldwide in successfully bringing their products to the clinical phases and subsequently to the market and establishing them there. This begins with the joint development of patient-friendly administration systems and ranges from innovative, flexible filling processes to comprehensive assembly and packaging services.

Vetter Managing Director Peter Soelkner emphasizes, "It is a great recognition for us that the vfa has invited us to participate. The association is the most important platform for pharmaceutical companies active in Germany to promote and support the strategic development of the industry and further establish Germany as an important business location. We can now also contribute our perspective here. As a globally operating CDMO, we play an important role as a partner for small and large companies in the industry."

With its current 48 member companies, the vfa represents more than two thirds of the entire German pharmaceutical market. In Germany alone, research-based pharmaceutical companies invest 8.7 billion euros annually in drug research for new and better medicines. Han Steutel, President of the vfa adds, "The production of injectable drugs is an indispensable part of the innovative pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We are delighted that Vetter, a global leader in this field, is a member of the vfa."

Vetter is involved in vfa committee work

The substantive work in the association is carried out in thematically focused committees and working groups. Managing Director Peter Sölkner will represent Vetter in the Committee for Economic and Location Policy. Dr. Claus Feußner, Senior Vice President Development Service, has been appointed to the Research and Development Committee. Other Vetter experts are involved in the Regulatory Affairs, Production, Innovation and Communication working groups.

Further memberships

By joining the vfa, the pharmaceutical service provider is also a member of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), which are committed to strengthening and developing the member countries as research and production locations at EU level.