Easyfairs' London Packaging Week and “ExCeL London” lead the way in sustainable events

Easyfairs London Packaging Week

Easyfairs has announced that September's London Packaging Week will be one of its most sustainable exhibitions. The multi-format event organizers have teamed up with “ExCeL London”, a renowned sustainability-driven event venue, to ensure sustainability remains at the forefront of both organizations' agendas, driving a collective effort to enact positive change in the events industry.

The eagerly anticipated London Packaging Week, hosted by Easyfairs on 21 and 22 September, has implemented a wide range of sustainability initiatives to ensure environmentally responsible practices; highlights include:

  • Energy: The event prioritizes energy conservation by closely monitoring and optimizing lighting, heating, and HVAC levels throughout the event cycle, from build-up to dismantling.
  • Waste Management: London Packaging Week implements effective waste management practices, striving for a recycling rate of over 50%. While Easyfairs stands and organizer spaces adhere to a Zero to landfill policy.
  • Digital Innovation: The event has introduced an innovative mobile application that enhances the visitor and exhibitor experience, providing features like exhibitor search, personalized agendas, and push notifications for important updates.
  • Community Engagement: Sustainability is integrated into London Packaging Weeks' content program, dedicating a significant portion to supporting sustainable development and the transition to a Net Zero sector. The event fosters innovation through initiatives like the innovation gallery and awards while supporting start-ups through dedicated zones and stages.

“ExCeL London”, the new partnering event venue, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Holding certifications such as carbon neutrality, ISO 14001, ISO 20121, and Planet Mark Business Certification, “ExCeL London” exemplifies sustainable practices and responsible corporate citizenship.

Sustainability is part of Easyfairs exhibition culture

Renan Joel, Director of Packaging at Easyfairs, highlighted the significance of this collaboration and the pivotal role of sustainability in the packaging industry. He said, "We are thrilled to collaborate with ‘ExCeL London’, a leading sustainability-focused venue, for Easyfairs and London Packaging Week. Sustainability is not just a buzzword but a core value within the packaging industry. By partnering with ‘ExCeL London’, we demonstrate our commitment to setting higher standards and promoting sustainable practices throughout the event. "Sustainability is very much part of our exhibition culture. Hopefully, by striving to improve, we set the foundation for subsequent events to pass on to future organizers."

Higher standard for environmentally responsible events

Easyfairs' London Packaging Week and “ExCeL London” aim to set a higher standard for environmentally responsible events. Both organizations are dedicated to leading the industry toward a more sustainable future by adhering to these measures.