Schubert goes live at Pack Expo Connects 2020

Show attendees at this year’s Pack Expo Connects will be offered virtual tours through Schubert’s facilities

Schubert is placing great emphasis on the new virtual trade show format Pack Expo Connects to present its latest technological developments and product innovations. By showcasing six different live demos, the pioneer in packaging technology will address current challenges and requirements FCMG manufacturers are facing worldwide. Show attendees will be offered virtual tours through Schubert’s headquarters in Germany and through its North American headquarters and training center in Charlotte, North Carolina. A highlight will be the introduction of a compact Casepacker for a US American manufacturer, which was originally planned to be exhibited live at Pack Expo Chicago.

Schubert will present a wide range of new features during the new show format. For more than 10 years, PMMI’s Pack Expo trade shows in Chicago as well as in Las Vegas have been Schubert’s most important platform for introducing its innovations to the North American market and for interacting with customers, new prospects and industry peers. “When talking about industry relevant trade shows in North America, Pack Expo is the number one show for us to rely on. As an exhibitor we know what to expect, attendees know what to expect and at the end of the show it’s always a success for both sides”, explains Hartmut Siegel, CEO at Schubert North America. “It was soon obvious that for this year, an in-person event wasn’t going to be possible. Instead, the PMMI came up with this new format, the idea of meeting virtually at Pack Expo Connects. It’s a debut for Schubert, as for many others, too, and we expect this to be just another great Pack Expo show format”.

Six different live demos will present a wide range of new features

The family-owned German leader in TLM packaging machines, has once again prepared a show program to address current requirements such as a high level of flexibility, availability, and fast time to market. Schubert will demonstrate its fully integrated Flowpacker and additionally manufacturers will learn how to print their own 3D printed format parts on site, in next to no time. Producers of pharmaceuticals will receive details on secondary vaccine packaging provided by our experts from the pharmaceutical business unit, Todd Shewmaker, Sr. Sales Manager and Carsten Peters, Senior Key Account Manager.

All of Schubert’s demos will be presented personally by its employees - the specialists Schubert’s customers can always rely on. One significant highlight of this year’s show will be Schubert’s lightline Cartonpacker, a case packing machine with a very small footprint. For the first time, Schubert will present its case packer live during a North American trade show. The case packer on exhibit is designed for a Schubert customer located in the US. The responsible Sales Account Manager, Stefan Hoffmann, will demonstrate all features of the compact and space saving system and moreover will take the viewers on a virtual journey through the company’s German headquarters. “This new show format is a great opportunity to invite our customers on a virtual journey through our production site in Germany - it’s not only about presenting final assembled machine systems but also about providing the bigger picture, where is the machine built, by whom and how will it be shipped to the US after the successful Fat? This and even more will be covered during the live demo: A preconfigured Case Packer - Immediately ready for use”.

One system fits all: How Schubert empowers its customers with transparency, training, and teamwork

"When I go to a customer, my goal is to have them work with my guidance, so they can do the job completely on their own next time" describes Aaron Beaulieu, Field Service Technician at Schubert North America. Virtual trade shows require an even higher degree in authenticity to deliver intimacy to the attendees that are missing out on the personal face-to-face interaction. That is why Schubert does not only introduce its new technologies but also provides a look behind the scenes. Aaron Beaulieu, a former machine operator at a customer of Schubert, will take show participants on a virtual tour through the company’s training facility in Charlotte, NC, while sharing insights about customer service and training at Schubert. During the live demo “One system fits all: How Schubert empowers its customers with transparency, training and teamwork”, attendees will see how Schubert’s platform works and will be shown how a trained machine operator can control any Schubert system. At the end of the demo, manufacturers will know what to expect on their site, before during and after the Sat.

There will be a lot offered at Schubert’s virtual show booth at this year’s Pack Expo. The North American Sales and Service team is looking forward to chat with well-known friends and new faces in the industry. The show will be live and fascinating, just like show attendees would expect a visit to Schubert during any trade show.

Schubert’s live demos at Pack Expo Connects 2020:

Winning Performance: Quick Format Changes with Schubert’s Flowpacker
Mon, November 9 - 10:00 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

A Preconfigured Case Packer: Immediately Ready for Use
Mon, November 9 - 01:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada)
Thu, November 12 - 1:30 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

One System Fits All: How Schubert Empowers its Customers with Transparency, Training and Teamwork
Tue, November 10 - 11:00 AM Central Time (US & Canada)
Tue, November 10 - 01:45 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

We Make You “Ready to Switch” – Achieve Your Sustainable Development Goals Before 2025
Wed, November 11 - 10:00 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

Secondary Vaccine Packaging - Gentle and Flexible Handling of Small Volume Pharmaceutical Containers
Thu, November 12 - 11:00 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

Rapid Time to Market with Schubert’s Monoblock Filling Line and 3D Printed Format Parts
Fri, November 13 - 10:00 AM Central Time (US & Canada)