Kärcher Romania relies on technology from Wittmann Battenfeld

Production site of Kärcher Romania

CER Cleaning Equipment in Romania, a company of the German Kärcher Group, has been using machines, automation and auxiliaries from the Wittmann Group for years. In late 2020 and early 2021, another 18 machines of the Macro-Power series were installed at CER Cleaning Equipment. Kärcher is the world's leading provider of efficient and resource-saving cleaning systems. The company's cleaning devices are characterized by functionality, ease of use and a sophisticated look. More than 1,300 patents and utility models testify to the innovative strength of the Kärcher company. The cleaning equipment is used in both commercial and private areas. The wide range of products from Kärcher includes high-pressure cleaners, scrubbing and suction machines, sweepers, window and surface vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, air cleaners, generators and dirty water pumps, washing systems, irrigation systems, garden tools and much more.

In the year 2016, Kärcher has started their own production of professional and home & garden vacuum cleaners in Romania with CER Cleaning Equipment based in Curtea de Arges. CER Cleaning Equipment is a 100% subsidiary of the German Kärcher Group. Since this beginning, the Wittmann Group has been supplying CER Cleaning Equipment with machines from the Eco-Power and Macro-Power series, robots and auxiliary equipment. The first 16 Macro-Power machines in the clamping force range of 4,000 kN up to 11,000 kN were delivered in 2016. Due to the continuing growth of CER and the high demand for vacuum cleaners, the delivery of a second batch of machines took place in 2018. As growth continued without interruption, another factory building next to the original building had to be constructed starting middle of 2020 with more machines, robots and a central material handling system following as well. At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, Wittmann Battenfeld installed another batch of 18 machines from the Macro-Power series in the clamping force range from 4,500 to 9,000 kN in the new facility of CER. The machine park of CER Cleaning Equipment currently comprises 44 machines of the Macro-Power series and one Eco-Power machine. Amongst them are machines in XL configuration with extended platen size and four 2-component machines. For the implementation of lightweight constructions, three machines are equipped with Wittmann Battenfeld Airmould gas modules, which are connected to a centralized pressure generator.

The machines of the Macro-Power series convince at CER Cleaning Equipment above all through their compact design, their speed, their cleanliness and their high energy efficiency, which is achieved through the use of the most modern servo motors and pump technology. The machines are equipped with the latest Wittmann robots from the pro series. The main focus is on the W832 pro, which is characterized by its stable structure, flexibility and high accuracy. Both CER Cleaning Equipment facilities are equipped with a central drying and conveying system from Wittmann. Coded coupling stations for the drying silos as well as for the feeding to the machines are in place. The centralized system was completed with gravimetric external silos. CER puts high attention to the avoidance of any kind of plastic waste, such as runners or reject parts. In case this cannot be completely avoided, the recovery of plastics is performed strictly by type with a high quality level, and the material is fed back to the production.

Besides the central drying system and in order to maintain flexibility in their production needs for covering smaller batch sizes, compact segment wheel dryers of series Wittmann Aton segment are employed. Temperature controller models Tempro Basic C90 and C120, as well as plus D round off the supply of auxiliary equipment of Wittmann. Apart from the production competency Kärcher values the development of their employees in ways which are rather unique. For this purpose a Kärcher Academy and Innovation Corner have been established. The focus is on brainstorming for generating innovative ideas within small interdisciplinary teams for best practice, ideas and solution sharing. In addition to the technology from Wittmann Battenfeld, CER Cleaning Equipment is particularly valued for the excellent cooperation with the local Wittmann branch. Ion Bican, Managing Director of CER Cleaning Equipment: “The communication with the team from Wittmann Battenfeld Romania is excellent. The service we received after delivery of the equipment was very professional."