Pharmascience delivers life-saving drugs with real-time document management from open-text

Open-Text Content Suite helps leading drug manufacturer manage complex and highly-regulated information management challenges

Open-Text announced Pharmascience, a leading Canadian manufacturer of branded and generic pharmaceutical drugs, has deployed Open-Text Content Suite to help manage its complex document management requirements. Pharmascience produces over 2,000 products with sales in over 60 countries worldwide. In Canada alone, more than 45 million prescriptions a year are filled with Pharmascience products. The company needed a scalable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to manage and secure its document lifecycle and help respond to increasing regulatory demands. It needed a full range of document governance tools, including workflow management, version control and audit trails. Open-Text Content Suite and OpenText Regulated Documents, helped to build a strategic, centralized repository for its most valuable business content.

“Operating with the highest standards for quality and regulatory compliance leaves us no room for error and we needed a partner that could operate at our level,” said Denis Beauchemin, head of IT, Pharmascience. “Our work is high-stakes and highly-regulated, but we need to continue to move quickly and innovate. The solution from Open-Text provides us with a single source of truth for our most critical set of documents and ensures our team can access the information they need in the lab, the shop floor, or the boardroom.”

Open-Text Professional Services worked with the expert team at Pharmascience to execute this ambitious digital transformation. The Pharmascience team brought their understanding of the regulatory and governance challenges to the table, while Open-Text was able to deliver proactive solutions leveraging EIM expertise developed by working with 20 of the top 20 Life Sciences organizations worldwide.

Reinforcing its IT operational agility, Pharmascience is now working with Open-Text Managed Services to handle ongoing Enterprise Information Management functions, ensuring in-house experts can focus on other critical business needs. “We all rely on the pharmaceutical industry to supply the consistent and high-quality drugs our health systems require. With the world’s top experts in Enterprise Information Management and experience working in highly-regulated environments like life sciences, the Open-Text Managed Services team is helping Pharmascience improve its operational efficiency by driving digital transformation deeper,” said James McGourlay, Executive Vice President, Customer Operations at Open-Text. “Our customers are facing a rapidly changing business environment and they rely on Open-Text to manage, monitor and optimize business systems and keep them one step ahead.”