Claus Kleedörfer from TE Connectivity elected to board of SPE Industrial Partner Network

Actively shaping the Single Pair Ethernet ecosystem

 Claus Kleedörfer, Managing Director of TE Connectivity

As part of the SPE Industrial Partner Network, TE Connectivity (TE) remains an important driving force for single-pair Ethernet technology. The provider of connectivity and sensor solutions is one of the founding members of the network. The company was re-elected to the board and is represented by Claus Kleedörfer. The Managing Director of TE Connectivity's Industrial Division was appointed Deputy Chairman.

The goal of TE Connectivity is to cooperate with the other network partners to create a comprehensive SPE ecosystem and uniform standards for communication protocols, cabling and device components to drive the Industrial Internet of Things.

Shaping standards for next-generation IIoT applications

In April 2024, the new board was elected at the SPE Industrial Partner Network's general meeting. Claus Kleedörfer is one of four board members representing the founding members of the SPE Industrial Partner Network. The network is an association of companies with equal rights. Together, they define the strategic approach of establishing single-pair Ethernet as the new Ethernet technology on the market. The aim is to create the basis for the rapid growth of IIoT. TE has been represented on the board of the SPE IPN since it was founded in 2019 and is a driving force behind standardisation and current product launches. The manufacturer played a key role in the introduction of the international electrotechnical standard IEC 63171-7, which defines M12 hybrid connectors and supports faster adoption of SPE interconnect technology in the industry.

TE Connectivity drives adoption of SPE as the standard for industrial automation

"SPE means a technological leap forward for Ethernet-based single-cable connectivity solutions in smart factories,” Claus Kleedörfer said. “We believe SPE will revolutionize industrial communication in future IIoT application, that is why TE – through collaboration with other SPE IPN members – is dedicated to make SPE the standard in industrial automation.”