H+E and Austar Group forges Joint Venture for pharma market

Contract was closed on 12 August

H+E GmbH and Austar Group forges Joint Venture for pharma market

H+E has founded a new joint venture: H+E Pharma GmbH, located in Stuttgart - together with the well-established Austar Group in order to provide better and more efficient support for our customers. H+E Pharma’s business will concentrate on the development, engineering, production, and sales of systems and parts for systems for producing, storage, and distribution of purified water and highly purified water for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. It will also cover maintenance and other services for the respective systems and parts. H+E Pharma is now equipped with all the technologies for purified water and highly purified water technologies that both Hager+Elsässer and H+E GmbH owned and developed before for pharmaceutical clients.

The Joint Venture has synergized the advantages of both H+E GmbH and Austar Group. At the same time, H+E GmbH has integrated all its pharma industry business, know-how, technologies, references, resources etc. into this Joint Venture, which will focus predominantly on the pharmaceutical industry. It will be equipped with greater professional technology and offer better services providing capacity to all our pharmaceutical clients. H+E Pharma GmbH will own and operate a high tech, highest standards and quality assembling workshop “S-TEC GmbH” located in Dresden, Germany. All pharma equipment for H+E Pharma will be assembled by S-Tec in Dresden.

“For many years, H+E has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologies and processes for industrial water treatment solutions. This development adds a new dimension to our capabilities and creates synergies that leverage our collective strengths and experiences. This is a significant milestone in H+E GmbH’s strategy in Pharma and I look forward to working with the Joint Venture partners who will provide excellent value added expertise.” said Thomas Will, Chief Executive Officer of H+E GmbH. “The partnership with H+E GmbH to initiate such H+E Pharma entity will help contribute to Austar’s visions on our global expansion strategies implementation in the scope of clean utilities system, by leveraging Austar’s competitive edges of project management, automation and validation in life sciences industry and H+E’s pre-treatment and purified equipment technology, after-sales services and manufacturing capacities. I believe H+E Pharma with our commitment and visions together with our partners in Europe will be able to offer better services and systems to our European customers with full customer satisfaction.” said Mars Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Austar Group.