Schott reports successful year for its pharma business unit and sets path for further growth

Delivered vials for 5 billion Covid-19 vaccinations

Containment solutions from Schott safely store Covid-19 vaccines and next generation drugs

The international technology group Schott is making big moves in the pharma industry as a globally favored partner for advanced drug containment solutions and drug delivery systems. The company has played a key role in the fight against the pandemic by delivering glass vials for over 5 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines in 2021. Schott also paved the way for advanced packaging solutions that enable the next generation of drugs, like mRNA-based formulations. Following an increasing worldwide demand for high-quality pharma solutions, the company is announcing another major investment: In China, Schott plans to triple the production capacity for vials and ampoules. “We stay one step ahead by investing in our global production network and through our close collaborations with major drug makers and partners from the pharma industry,” said Andreas Reisse, Executive Vice President of Schott’s Pharma business unit. “Together, we strive to improve global health for everyone.”

The packaging and delivery solutions are integral to every drug because they go through the regulatory approval process together. Many pharma companies also rely on different containment solutions to prolong the lifecycle of a drug. For example, a drug may enter the market in a vial and later be stored in prefillable syringes that make it easier to administer. Also, the question of the right packaging material, glass or polymer, is vital. “With new drug categories entering the market, such as mRNA-based formulations, our holistic approach with a broad range of packaging systems, including both glass and polymer options, allows us to find a tailored solution for individual needs,” adds Reisse. Thinking ahead, Schott supports pharma manufacturers in making the best decision by compiling comprehensive analytics and constantly innovating new packaging solutions. For example, Schott’s latest addition, Everic Care vials, features a hydrophobic coating on the inside of the vial that protects highly sensitive drugs, like biologics.

As market demand for such high-value solutions has been growing steadily, Schott tripled its capacity for pre-sterilized, ready-to-use glass vials in the USA in 2021. Further enhancing the portfolio, the company expanded the capacity of prefillable glass syringes by 50 percent in Switzerland to strengthen the supply of sought-after drug delivery systems. In spring 2022, the new state-of-the-art production site for prefillable high quality polymer syringes will be inaugurated in Germany. In addition, Schott will be adding further modules to its production network of 16 global plants. In China, the company has recently broken ground for a new module, which is designed to triple the production capacity. The double-digit million Euro project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.