Signature of the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal by Songwon

Songwon signs The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal

Songwon Industrial has signed the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal. Together with 1000 industrial signatories representing 25 sectors across Europe, the producer of polymer stabilisers and a global player in specialty chemicals will strengthen the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of European industrial production, facilitate the transition to a greener economy and develop sustainable practices across the industrial value chain in Europe.

The Antwerp Declaration underlines the urgent need for clarity, predictability and confidence in Europe's industrial policy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 in the face of formidable challenges. It calls for an action plan that promotes sustainable industrial progress by streamlining regulations, mitigating conflicting objectives, simplifying legislation and reducing excessive reporting. But above all, it aims to position Europe as a competitive global energy supplier, emphasising the urgency of developing critical infrastructure, increasing security of supply and stimulating demand for sustainable products. “Songwon strongly supports all of these objectives and they align with our sustainability commitments. Europe continues to be a significant market for Songwon and we have had a presence for well over a decade, manufacturing a variety of products including key antioxidants and light stabilizers at our Greiz plant in Germany,” said Thomas Schmutz, Leader of Technology, Regulatory Affairs & Sustainability at Songwon. “We are proud to support The Antwerp Declaration and look forward to working together with other European partners to advance a more circular and sustainable industrial ecosystem that paves the way for tomorrow's climate solutions.”

Songwon on the way to net zero emissions

With the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, Songwon has a comprehensive carbon reduction roadmap to help it achieve its goal. Sustainability is a strategic driver for the speciality chemicals company, which has integrated environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into its business strategy. By embracing sustainability, optimising operations, fostering innovation and aligning business needs with the evolving demands of its markets, environment and society, Songwon is able to create sustainable value. “At Songwon, sustainability is a group-wide challenge that involves our entire global team. We constantly strive to deliver more value by creating better environmentally sound solutions using more sustainable, ethically sourced materials that require less packaging and generate less waste,” explained Schmutz. “By harnessing our innovation capabilities, we support customers to overcome challenges and secure a competitive edge through sustainable value creation.”

As an international organisation, Songwon is exposed to numerous risks inherent in all of its business activities. During nearly 60 years of continuous growth and global expansion, the company has strengthened its ability to overcome challenges, adapt to changing needs and actively prepare for the future. The Antwerp Declaration provides a valuable platform for collaboration and staying at the forefront of key sustainability innovations, opportunities and challenges.