Barplast at the Battery Show 2022 in Detroit presents thermoplastic Polyimide

Barplast at the Battery Show 2022 presents thermoplastic Polyimide

Barplast, part of the Hamburg-based Bieglo Group, will be exhibiting at the Battery Show / Electric & Hybrid vehicle technology expo in Detroit 2022. The Battery Show is one of the most important trade fairs in the field of Electric & Hybrid vehicles and Batteries this year. Barplast and Mitsui Chemicals, present Aurum a ultra-performance thermoplastic Polyimide with Tg 473 F (245 C), which surpasses other thermoplastics in temperature resistance and insulation properties. It is used typically in precision tools, industrial machinery, electrical and electronic parts. Aurum is a strong insulator and can be applied by powder-coating, injection molding and in extrusion process.  With its high TG of 473 F Aurum offers unparalleled possibilities for HP-Electric engines - is referred to in the industrial world as the new generation of polymer-insulation.

Other products from the Barplast portfolio are PEEK in all shapes and thermoplastic polyimides. Barplast ensures to recycle PEEK in a quality assured way which fosters environmental as well as economical sustainability. While reprocessing PEEK the residues are sorted and the PEEK-melt is filtered before granulation. Melt-filtration guarantees continuous high quality of Bieglo’s R-PEEK 450G. With R-PEEK 450G Barplast brings a top HPP-thermoplast to the market at economical prices which are about 50% less than that of virgin granules. You find Barplast at Battery Show 2022 - Booth No. 1428