CPhI India: Gerresheimer customers value child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging

Gerresheimer offers a fully comprehensive portfolio of glass pharmaceutical bottles extending from the smallest glass cartridges made from tubular glass up to large acid-resistant chemicals bottles

Drugs are not meant to fall into children’s hands. But just in case this ever does happen, it is crucial to prevent children from being able to open the containers by securing them with child-resistant caps. That is why more and more customers are choosing child-proof packaging options from Gerresheimer. Gerresheimer showcased a wide range of child-resistant caps alongside various other packaging solutions for solid and liquid drugs at the CPhI trade fair in New Delhi, India. Gerresheimer Triveni started CR closure manufacturing in India over 5 years ago, since then and thanks to increasingly fast-growing demand, created locally manufactured closure range for CR 38, CR 33 as well as for CR 28 and which all are today in commercial production. This offering will in the coming months extended even further, with CR 53 production in Triveni India.

Gx Vials made from glass / Gx Ampoules

Gerresheimer’s trade fair booth was focused on injection vials, also known as Gx vials. They are amongst the world’s most popular pharmaceutical packaging solutions and Gerresheimer produces versions in clear and amber glass that can hold between 1 and 50 ml. The range of tubular glass vials on offer in Asia includes clear and amber glass types I and II. All types of different shapes are available, either with or without blowback and compliant with either international standards or the customer’s own specifications. Gerresheimer offers a wide range of pharmaceutical ampoules made from type I pharmaceutical glass. The standard portfolio includes ampoules made from clear and amber glass that can hold between 1 and 30 ml. Among these products are straight-stem, funnel-type, and closed ampoules that comply with the relevant ISO standards (types B, C, and D) with various break-systems such as OPC (one-point-cut), CBR (color break ring), and score ring. Customer-specific requirements can also be applied in conjunction with the current ISO standards.

Moulded Glass with DMF certificate and worldwide presence

Just over two year ago, the Gerresheimer subsidiary Neutral Glass renewed the furnace for the type I glass production. In India, for example, Gerresheimer manufactures clear and amber glass infusion and injection bottles from type I borosilicate glass. The company also produces type III glass containers for a lot of medications. The production line at this factory is certified in accordance with DMF (Drug Master File) type III requirements. Gerresheimer is a global company with around 40 locations in 15 countries spread across 3 continents. It is specialized in manufacturing primary packaging for pharmaceuticals in line with the relevant pharmacopeias. All factories are currently certified to ISO 9001 and other relevant standards. Gerresheimer employs cutting-edge techniques and monitoring technology from the development stage right through to production and packing for delivery, while state-of-the-art camera inspection systems continuously check product quality.