DSM and Fibrant reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions for Akulon PA6 with Ecolactam

DSM and Fibrant reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions for Akulon PA6 by 50% with Ecolactam

In view of the current tightening of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission ambitions in Europe, it is with great pride that DSM and Fibrant announce the accomplishment of a major reduction in the GHG emission of Caprolactam and thus subsequently also of PA6 as produced in Europe by July 2021. The GHG emission saved is estimated to be around 800 million kg CO2 on annual basis. This significant reduction has been achieved by implementing several technology improvements amongst which an advanced N2O abatement program in Fibrant’s Caprolactam production process. From July onwards, Fibrant will market its Caprolactam with reduced carbon footprint under the tradename Ecolactam.

Paul Habets, Marketing and Sales Director Fibrant: “I am proud to announce that Fibrant changes over to 100% Ecolactam, a new generation Caprolactam with a very low carbon footprint (CFP). This has all been achieved by continuous process improvement and a clear focus on sustainability. With a new and extraordinary generation of products we will reduce our CFP by over 50% through significant N2O reduction and by applying our proprietary HPO and Hydranone technology, while keeping the excellent performance and quality at the same high level.”

With the introduction of Ecolactam by Fibrant, the DSM Engineering Materials will be able to offer its existing Akulon PA6 portfolio produced in Europe with a lowest best-in-class carbon footprint of PA6 available in the market. This enables DSM’s customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their own products and contribute to the global reduction of GHG emissions in the downstream value chains as automotive, electrical, consumer appliances and food packaging. In addition, both companies have joined forces to reduce the GHG emissions even further, aiming at Zero Net already by 2040. Bert Havenith, Sustainability Director DSM Engineering Materials adds: “We have a long history of delivering tangible proof points of our commitment to sustainability. As an additional step, we are able to further reduce our footprint with a mass-balance approach of bio-based feedstock (Akulon B-MB) or via recycled approach (Akulon RePurposed, Akulon CRC-MB). Together with our customers, suppliers, and partners, we are ready to drive our industry forward, seize the sustainable opportunities ahead and deliver on our purpose of creating brighter lives for all.”