IEC 62443: Ewon remote solution strengthens security

Ewon remote solution

The Ewon remote solutions from HMS Networks have always prioritised security. Recently, the "Ewon Cosy+" remote access solution has been assessed for cybersecurity against the IEC 62443-4-2 criteria by Nviso, a globally recognised cybersecurity expert. As the industry evolves, so do the standards of excellence, with IEC 62443 emerging as the benchmark for cybersecurity in industrial automation.

The IEC 62443 standards provide a comprehensive framework for safeguarding industrial assets against cyber threats, complementing the already established ISO 27001 framework, which focuses primarily on IT security. The standards outline the essential requirements for protecting industrial systems from security breaches. For machine builders, system integrators and plant operators, compliance with IEC 62443 is critical to IIoT security. Cédric Bassem, Senior Manager Application and Product Security at Nviso, explais: “One of the strengths of IEC 62443 is that it provides a framework that IIoT manufacturers can use to align their device’s security requirements with the cybersecurity ambitions of the factory owners.”.

Implementation of IEC 62443 standards

Developing a secure automation solution begins with identifying risks through a detailed threat analysis of the systems and components involved. This leads to the creation of a robust security plan. The next step is to establish appropriate processes and ensure that personnel are trained in security protocols. Security extends beyond technology to include well-defined processes and skilled personnel. Given the evolving nature of cyber threats, it is essential that protection systems adapt over time. Continuous monitoring, maintenance and updates are essential to maintain security.

Remote solution assessed against IEC 62443-4-2 criteria

For Ewon remote solutions from HMS Networks, security is the cornerstone. The commitment to cybersecurity is demonstrated through compliance with certification standards such as ISO 27001. To maintain the highest cybersecurity standards, HMS Networks has partnered with Nviso, a leading independent organisation specialising in industrial cybersecurity. Nviso strengthens Ewon's security measures through regular testing, training and other recurring security reviews. Recently, with the assistance of Nviso, the "Ewon Cosy+" was assessed against the IEC 62443-4-2 standard. Based on the assessment results, Ewon by HMS Networks is confident that its product will seamlessly integrate into customer environments and support their security standard implementation and roadmap.

Importance of cybersecurity in IIoT

Sébastien Thinnes, Ewon Product & Marketing Director, underscores the significance of cybersecurity and IEC 62443 for customers: “The security of our IIoT solutions is paramount. By implementing IEC 62443 standards, we ensure that our products provide robust protection against emerging threats, safeguarding our customers' industrial operations.”