Leuze sets a new standard for compact positioning system

Leuze laser positioning system

The "AMS 100i" from Leuze is one of the smallest laser positioning systems available on the market. This makes it the perfect solution for tight installation spaces. Whether on the stacker crane, automated guided vehicle, or lifting system: In automated intralogistics, the sensors used for positioning applications must be able to operate on a small footprint in many cases. The new "AMS 100i" masters this challenge without sacrificing performance.

With its small dimensions of 105 to 68 to 75 millimeters, it is one of the most compact laser positioning systems on the market. This makes it the perfect solution for use in tight spaces.The Leuze sensor works with very high accuracy: Users are able to position with millimeter accuracy for up to 120 meters with the system.

Positioning right up to the sensor

The manufacturer has developed the laser positioning system "AMS 100i" with a minimum blind zone of only 100 millimeters. This enables positioning applications right up to the sensor. The available space is used efficiently. Useful : Modular assembly options and easy alignment facilitate a flexible and quick installation.

Leuze modular laser positioning system

The modular laser positioning system is also available in the "AMS 300i" version. This device model offers an operating range of up to 300 meters. Both variants meet the high requirements of degree of protection IP65. Optionally, the "AMS 100i" and the "AMS 300i" are also available with integrated device and window heating. With this variant, the sensors can be used for low-temperature applications down to -30°C (without heating down to -5°C). In hot ambient conditions, the smaller laser positioning system is designed for temperatures of up to +60°C.