Mondi and Syntegon develop food paper packaging with recycled content

Kraft paper using recycled fibres utilised for dry food packaging for the first time

Food paper packaging with recycled content created by Mondi and Syntegon

Mondi, a global producer of packaging and paper, has partnered with Syntegon, a manufacturer of process and packaging machinery, to develop a recyclable paper packaging solution using recycled fibres for dried foods such as flour, sugar and pasta. The packaging uses Mondi’s award-winning Eco-Vantage kraft paper which has been approved by ISEGA for the entire food packaging sector.

The kraft paper is made from recycled and responsibly sourced fresh fibres and was previously mainly used for paper shopping bags. The commitment of Mondi to investing in research and development and its successful collaboration with industry players has enabled it to expand its application, meeting consumer’s growing demand for paper-based packaging.

Dust-tight, heat sealable and contamination-free packaging

Mondi supplies Eco-Vantage rollstock to Syntegon who then applies spot coating to create dust-tight, heat sealable packaging that eliminates contamination throughout the entire product lifecycle, from production to the consumer’s home. Syntegon’s unique technology ensures that only the minimum amount of sealing agent needed is used. The versatility of their technology ensures protection of powdered food goods and packaging strength which is recyclable in existing paper streams.

The development of these new packaging solutions illustrates a key element of Mondi Group’s “MAP2030” targets, by using recycled fibres Eco-Vantage kraft paper prevents waste, keeps materials in circulation and is recyclable in existing paper waste streams, as evidenced by Mondi’s Recycling Lab.

R&D expert highlights sustainable packaging solution in partnership with Syntegon

Elisabeth Schwaiger, Head of R&D and Intellectual Property Flexible Packaging, Mondi, says: “Thanks to the close partnership with Syntegon and our extensive technical expertise and knowledge of paper, we can support our customers in making more sustainable choices. With high recycling rates of paper and the use of wood as a renewable material, we are delivering a packaging innovation that embraces resource efficiency, waste reduction and recyclability.”

Mondi closes the circularity loop for primary food packaging

Torsten Sauer, Director Sustainability at Syntegon, adds: “It is our goal to create sustainable packaging solutions with the minimum environmental impact possible. With paper packaging that is both recyclable and containing recycled material we are making a big step towards closing the circularity loop for primary food packaging.”