Teaching box speeds up Melfa robot deployment

Teaching box for Melfa robots

Mitsubishi Electric has launched the „R86TB“, a new, high-performance teaching box. This is designed to help users, machine builders and system integrators setup, program, repurpose, maintain as well as troubleshoot industrial and collaborative Melfa robots. As a result, the latest solution simplifies human-machine interactions and supports the creation of highly effective automated operations.

The „R86TB“ multifunctional operating and programming panel builds on the foundation laid by Mitsubishi Electric’s existing teaching box. It offers a cost-effective, even more intuitive and easy to use platform with enhanced functionalities to monitor and program both the latest Melfa robots as well as prior generations. The device facilitates the comprehensive control of the connected robot via a variety of easy-to-use screens. These can be accessed from a large, high definition 10.1’’ display. This means that the newly released solution can support users with limited robotics skills in the effective implementation of entry-level applications as well as help more experienced professionals streamline the creation of advanced applications.

3D visualization functions for planning, setting up and programming robot tasks

In particular, the teaching box features 3D visualization capabilities to help machine builders, system integrators and end users plan, set up and program robotic tasks in an environment that mimics the physical settings. This function is complemented by programming support capabilities, parameter inputting and programming interfaces, as well as a dedicated section for diagnostics. All these are based on Mitsubishi Electric’s robot engineering software RT Toolbox3, simplifying user adoption and use of these platforms while ensuring consistency.

Teaching box replaces computer for troubleshooting

In addition to these functions, the „R86TB“ high-performance teaching box also supports quick and early troubleshooting without the need for a computer. As a result, it can optimize the uptime and performance of automated applications. Oliver Giertz, Strategic Product Manager Servo/Motion/Robotics EMEA at Mitsubishi Electric Europe, comments: “We are excited to release this new teaching box and drive the implementation of highly effective robotic setups even further forward. The ,R86TB’ is designed as an ideal interface to easily interact with Melfa robots across their entire service life and will greatly help customers take full advantage of the capabilities of these machines.”