Adelholzener Alpenquellen expands production with filling line for non-returnable containers

Highest hygiene standards: Krones aseptic technology for spritzers and water

Adelholzener Alpenquellen plant

Seven out of eight production lines at Adelholzener Alpenquellen use Krones technology to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. The returnable glass line installed in 2020 will be supplemented in 2025 by a further line for filling non-returnable containers. The decision in favour of precisely this type of container and therefore line was made for two reasons: Firstly, the demand for products for the "on-the-go" market has recently increased enormously.

The beverage manufacturer expects sales of non-returnable PET containers to increase by a good twelve per cent in 2023. Secondly, the realisation of the non-returnable PET line has enabled the existing capacities at the plant to be utilised as fully as possible. "We already took the limited capacities at the plant into account when we installed the first one-way system in 2006," says Erwin Hächl, Head of Central Project Management at Adelholzener Alpenquellen. "Thanks to our foresighted planning, we can now optimally utilise the available space in the plant and install another line from Krones."

Krones bottling line harmonises aseptics and output

The new Krones line with an output of 36,000 bottles per hour is intended to increase the bottling capacity for spritzers and water. Adelholzener has deliberately opted for a "Contipure Bloc P", an ultra-hygienic block specially designed for sensitive products. This first sterilises the preforms before they are blown into bottles, aseptically filled and finally sealed. The performance version, which is indicated by the "P", disinfects the machine surfaces with hot caustic solution and safely sterilises the product paths with steam. This process guarantees microbiologically safe filling with the shortest possible cleaning and sterilisation times.

Adelholzener plans to start production in summer 2025

The sealed containers are labelled with wrap-around labels by a Contiroll and then packed into shrink packs or trays by two "Variopac Pro" machines. Palletising is performed by a "Modulpal Pro". In addition to the line, the machine manufacturer is also supplying the appropriate process technology with the Unipure product filtration system and the "Varioasept J" flash pasteuriser. The first products from the new filling line for non-returnable containers are scheduled to roll off the production line in summer 2025, with acceptance planned for autumn.