Coolbest brand in SIG’s innovative Signature Pack emphasizes Riedel’s commitment to sustainability

First juice launch in Benelux

The Signature Pack is one of the latest innovations

Leading Dutch fruit drinks manufacturer Riedel has opted for Signature Pack from SIG to relaunch its popular Coolbest range of fruit juices. The aseptic carton pack made with polymers linked to plant-based renewable materials will help to strengthen Riedel’s ongoing sustainability pledge.

Riedel will relaunch Coolbest in Signature Pack Full Barrier packaging by SIG, which promotes the use of renewable raw materials to save fossil resources, while at the same time substantially reducing impact on the environment. The carton packs in 500, 1,000 and 1,500 ml are mainly composed of FSCTM certified paperboard made from wood, a renewable resource. The polymers used to laminate the paperboard have a clear link to 100% plant-based material via a mass balance system. This means that for the polymers used in the Signature Pack, an equivalent amount of bio-based feedstock went into the manufacturing of the polymers. To ensure the integrity of this process, the mass balancing is certified through internationally recognised third-party according to ISCC Plus standard.

The carbon footprint of Signature Pack Full Barrier is between 34% up to 60% lower (depending on format and country) than a standard SIG carton pack of the respective format, based on a life cycle assessment (CB-100733 of 01.03.2019) carried out by independent ifeu Institute in accordance with the relevant ISO standards (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044). Throughout a successful 20-year partnership, SIG and Riedel have worked together to deliver the perfect product and packaging solution to meet changing consumer needs, while at the same time reducing environmental impact.

Sabine Blom, Marketing Manager Coolbest at Riedel: “Signature Pack enables us to offer the most sustainable packaging solution, which at the same time guarantees the premium quality expected by our valued Coolbest customers. We are committed to driving sustainability forward, from fruit cultivation to the production, filling and distribution of our products. Switching to this new carton underlines our leading role in sustainability within the fruit juice industry.” Riedel is the first juice manufacturer in the Netherlands to opt for the recently launched Signature Pack from SIG, bringing added value to the Dutch juice market and responding to the increasing environmental concerns and awareness of consumers. Both companies have set a clear mark for sustainability, through a close cooperation that will continue to innovate and deliver eco-conscious products and packaging for generations to come.

Martin Herrenbrueck, President & General Manager Europe at SIG, commented: “After working so closely with Riedel to bring Signature Pack to the European juice market, it is great to see it on shelf for the first time. We have both been on a mission together, to offer consumers the best mix of premium quality and sustainability. Our commitment to environmentally friendly products and sustainable packaging solutions will progress and we look forward to continuing our close cooperation with Riedel.”