Euroverde takes product safety to next level with X-ray technology from Sesotec

Finding the tiniest stones in soup

Euroverde protects its product range with x-rays from Sesotec

Euroverde Societa Agricola in Azzano Mella in the province of Brescia in Lombardy stands for tradition and craftsmanship in vegetable growing. With more than 60 years of experience, the family-run company now has three farms, more than 100 employees and 200 hectares of land under cultivation, turning a wide variety of vegetables and lettuces into top-quality products. In line with the best agricultural practices, Euroverde continually invests in technological innovation. This ensures the highest standards of quality and safety, sustainability and traceability - essential for the company's continued growth.

Specialising in the production of ready meals, soups and salads, Euroverde subjects all its fresh produce to as little processing as possible after harvest in order to maintain hygiene, safety, taste and nutritional value. The company has several certifications, including BRC and IFS Food. In 2017, it also obtained organic certification as a producer of ready meals. Natural ingredients, such as stones, can affect the quality of the final product. Euroverde's entire product range is the result of a quality process at the highest level. In the field of contaminant management, Euroverde has for years used various metal detectors to separate metal particles of any kind from the products. However, when processing fresh produce from the field, there is a high risk that natural components such as stones can remain in the product, compromising the safety and quality of the product. X-ray technology is therefore used here.

Using X-ray technology to find all foreign objects, not just metals

In the food industry, quality is paramount and Euroverde takes the safety of its products very seriously. To detect not only metal particles but also the smallest stones, the company sought a reliable solution and found it in X-ray technology. X-ray inspection systems detect all foreign objects in food that are different in density from the product being inspected. After extensive comparisons, the choice fell on an X-ray system from Sesotec: Raycon EX1 is the entry-level model for X-ray inspection of packaged products. With integrated ejection, it has a very short and compact design. It is the best choice for all food and processors who value a balanced ratio of price, performance and quality.

Improving product quality with X-ray inspection

Since the installation of the X-ray machines, many stones have been found, they are able to detect smaller pieces, even with half the size as before. "Euroverde follows the family tradition of producing only safe products of the highest quality. That is why we strive to optimise our production processes with the best technologies. With Sesotec's X-ray technology, we have found the support we need to solve the stone problem and meet our quality requirements," says Benedetta Manzini, Euroverde Quality Assurance.