New Ebook from Sesotec: “Food Safety - What Food Processors Need to Know”

A comprehensive look at the most important elements of food safety

The new ebook from Sesotec, “Food Safety - What Food Processors Need to Know,” is filled with valuable information for food industry businesses

Sesotec, headquartered in Schönberg, Germany, recently published a comprehensive guide about food safety on its website. The ebook provides food manufacturing and processing businesses with insights into the most important aspects of ensuring food safety, quality, productivity, and compliance. In particular, the guide examines the role of effective process technology in fulfilling diverse requirements.

Food manufacturing and processing companies are under tremendous pressure from all sides: from consumers, retailers, and legislators alike. Food products must not only taste good, but must also fulfil demanding requirements for safety, quality, and availability. In order to adequately meet these demands, food production is reliant on new technologies, automation, and digitalization.