Alpvision offer free of charge security feature to protect Covid-19 relevant medicines against counterfeiting

Alpvision is launching the “Alpvision Covid-19 Initiative” helping pharmaceutical companies to protect Covid-19 relevant medicines against counterfeiting

Covid-19 has caused not only a worldwide health crisis, but also created unprecedented economic challenges. In response, Alpvision has decided to launch the “Alpvision Covid-19 Initiative”. The initiative supports pharmaceutical companies by providing them for free with the necessary tools to protect Covid-19 relevant medicines and vaccines against counterfeiting.

To do so, Alpvision will provide pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers with all necessary tools to deploy the Cryptoglyph on their packaging. The Alpvision Cryptoglyph is a digital security feature which can be implemented and deployed within just a few weeks. The Cryptoglyph is invisible to the human eye and authentication of a product protected with a Cryptoglyph is done using a regular smartphone. Securing of packaging with a Cryptoglyph is very easy as it neither changes the standard production process, nor requires additional consumables. In addition, the smartphone applications connect to Alpvision’s Brand Monitoring System (BMS), a centralized server platform through which pharmaceutical companies are able to monitor in real-time product authentication activities and gain important insight into counterfeiting activities.

The “Alpvision Covid-19 Initiative” starts on November 13th, 2020, and subscription will run for an initial period of three months. Participating companies will be able to protect their Covid-19 relevant products with zero additional cost for the authentication feature. Alpvision will provide this service gratuitously until the pandemic is officially declared as ended by the World Health Organization. Companies interested in participating in the initiative are invited to contact Alpvision.