Vertical articulated robot with a reach of 1.5 metres can handle a payload of twelve kilograms

New powerful robot arms

Mitsubishi Electric robotic arm Melfa RV-12CRL

The successful interaction of components throughout the production process and fast response times to automation trends are crucial to a company's success. The new Melfa robot arms from Mitsubishi Electric combine advanced hardware, intelligent software and seamless integration into the digital manufacturing environment. They therefore offer users the best possible conditions for the flexible, digital transformation of their production.

The new articulated robot in the Melfa series from Mitsubishi Electric allows higher payloads, greater reach and a broader range across all price segments without neglecting industry standards. In addition, intuitive software variants and tools are provided for a safe entry into digitalisation as well as options with AI functions.

Articulated robot reduces downtime and increases safety

With the Melfa "RV-12CR "L, Mitsubishi Electric has launched a vertical articulated robot with a reach of 1.504 metres and a payload of twelve kilograms. Other advantages include integrated functions that simplify commissioning, increase safety and reduce downtime. It is part of the cost-effective CR series, which fulfils the high industry standards with fewer variants. The latest Melfa robot is a response to changing competitive conditions. The challenge of developing a first-class, yet more cost-effective robot for long-lasting continuous use in fast production lines was realised with the new articulated arm robot. The highly flexible and versatile industrial robot specialises in common standard applications.

The increased reach and the ability to use particularly large grippers help with many palletising processes. Another strength is the improved performance of the front axes. These are optimised for multi-gripper systems such as those used in machine assembly in order to achieve the shortest possible cycle times. The arm is designed in such a way that it can absorb high inertia and a high momentum. Thanks to this characteristic, the robot can position heavy loads such as a large-area gripper precisely and maintain an accuracy of ±0.04 mm.

Universally applicable

The robot's large effective working range allows it to be used in a wide range of processes and industries: for example, the electrical and electronics industry for tasks such as assembly, quality inspection and material transport. There are also numerous potential applications in the automotive industry in the supplier sector for machine assembly and coating applications as well as in manufacturing processes relating to new electromobility. The new integration of AI makes robotics particularly interesting for the metal industry and mechanical engineering.

Intelligent software solutions

The "RT-ToolBox 3" is an intuitive software for online and offline programming with simulation. It enables simple programming, flexible customisation and seamless communication with other systems. The integrated AI support optimises motion sequences and increases efficiency. For example, 3D system data can be integrated to enable precise movements and avoid collisions. Gripper models can also be integrated into the simulation.

With the new "R86TB Teachingbox", the functions of the "RT-Toolbox3" can be used directly on the robot. With the even more powerful 3D simulation software Melsoft-Gemini, processes can be set up directly in a 3D simulation environment. This enables a preliminary check and optimisation in the simulation without real components. The results can be transferred directly into the software and the motion sequences.

Digital networking with plant portal

This lays the foundations for a successful digital transformation. Vast amounts of data are waiting to be utilised. The challenge now is to master and analyse it. The Mitsubishi Electric Asset Portal provides a platform with which all production systems can be managed easily and independently of the manufacturer. The portal provides a transparent overview of all production processes. Optimisation potential can be easily identified using integrated analysis tools. The special feature of the Mitsubishi Electric Asset Portal is the ability to integrate all devices. This is achieved through the use of open standards. All devices in a single, user-friendly tool.

This combination of hardware, such as the new articulated robot arm, software and digitalisation, as well as seamless integration into existing production lines, opens up completely new possibilities for users to make production more efficient.