New Neopolen color grade for transport boxes, toys and leisure products

As blue as the sky

The new color grade Neopolen P 9435 LB (LB: light blue) shows a deep light blue

BASF is now extending the color range of its expanded polypropylene foam (EPP) Neopolen. The new color grade is characterized by a deep light blue and complements the existing range of four bright colors signal red, azure blue, dark green and sunny yellow, in which BASF's EPP has been available to date. Neopolen P 9435 LB (LB: light blue) offers the excellent material properties of the Neopolen family. It is available at a density of ca. 35g/l. With this property profile, it is particularly suitable for toys and leisure products, transport containers in the catering and gastronomy sectors, dunnage trays in automotive production, and high-quality reusable packaging.

With the new color grade, there are virtually no limits to the variety of colors in many applications. Apart from manufacturing solid-colored components, the colors can be mixed and matched with each other as well as with white or black Neopolen granules. By this, goods can also be individually color-coded for transport. Furthermore, the new light blue also extends the design freedom for children's toys, wellness articles such as massage rollers, and visible components in furniture. All color grades are produced with high-quality BASF pigments. Neopolen P 9435 LB can be easily processed just like all other EPP grades. It shows high energy absorption at low weight, good resilience following static and dynamic loading, and an essentially unchanged energy absorption after repeated impact loading. The new color variant is resistant to chemicals and oils, has good thermal insulation properties and low water uptake. The light blue foam particles are available as packaged goods from stock.

Neopolen is a recyclable polypropylene foam (EPP) consisting of expanded, mainly closed-cell foam particles free from chemical blowing agents. Converters foam the beads into form parts with high freedom in design and geometry for the use in various industries. A molded density between 20 and 110 kg/m3 can be achieved with the standard product range. Components made of Neopolen can be reused in a variety of ways.