Portable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer for Breweries

The new In-Tap is based on the optical measuring principle of quenching of fluorescence light

The new In-Tap from Mettler Toledo is based on the optical measuring principle of quenching of fluorescence light. Compared to conventional amperometric measurement it provides higher signal stability, lower maintenance re-quirements, no waiting time for sensor polarization, no electrolyte change, a very short response time and there is no dependence on the flow (no stop-of-flow effect).

With the new In-Tap, the beer quality after the fermentation process can be temporarily monitored at various control points such as the filter cellar and bottling line, if oxygen has to be excluded as far as possible. With the very low de-tection limit of 2 ppb (µg/L) O2, the In-Tap measures well below the industry standard limits of 10 to 100 ppb O2.

The In-Tap is particularly suitable for monitoring the optical oxygen sensors In-Pro6970i, which are permanently installed for the online determination of oxygen. Since inline sensors are regularly exposed to CIP processes (CIP = Cleaning in Place), their proper function must also be en-sured on a regular basis. The integrated oxygen sensor uses the same optical meas-urement technology as the inline sensors and can communicate with them via Bluetooth. A process calibration of the inline sensors can be easily performed with the In-Tap, without removing them.

The In-Tap supplies the reference values for the in-line sen-sors. In addition to dissolved oxygen, the purity of CO2 from the fermentation process can also be determined. It is very easy and intuitive to operate via a 6 x 8 cm2 high-contrast touch screen panel. With protection class IP67 and a pressure resistance of the O2 sensor up to 10 bar, it easily meets the requirements of the brewing industry. A USB data memory of up to 8 GB allows extensive data logging and the management of up to 99 different measuring points. The integrated Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM), provided by all digital Mettler Toledo sensors, offers comprehensive diagnostic data which give clear information on system performance and maintenance to the user, e.g. when a calibration is due. In addition to measuring systems for in-line and mobile O2 determination, Mettler Toledo offers a comprehen-sive portfolio for breweries for pH measurement, turbidity measurement, phase separation, product recognition and CO2 determination.