Fristam Pumps expands its FDS range with an innovative drive

Fristam FDS TSG: efficient mechanical drive solution

Fristam Pumps is expanding its range of hygienic twin screw pumps to include a Twin Speed Gearbox (TSG) model. The TSG model is available as an additional option for all standard sizes in the FDS range. In terms of its construction, it is a simple and robust mechanical drive solution with various advantages compared with the purely standard three-phase or servo motors.

For applications in which pumps need to cope with extreme speed and flow rate ranges, the new Fristam FDS TSG offers a very simple, robust, and economical solution. This design ensures that the FDS twin screw pumps can fully exploit their technically feasible speed range without being subject to the limitations of a standard motor. Another important advantage is that by using the Twin Speed Gearbox in the FDS, the installed motor power can be reduced by 1-2 sizes. Thus, it not only lowers the investment costs, but also improves the energy efficiency of the powertrain across the entire speed range of the pumps.

And last but not least, this new design facilitates better and more stable pump regulation, since it works in the “comfort” frequency range of a standard three-phase motor. The first successful installations in the dairy industry have shown that by using FDS TSG in processed cheese production, for example, the motor size and thus required drive power could be reduced by up to 30 percent under otherwise identical conveying and cleaning conditions. Fristam Pumpen is exhibiting at Powtech in Nuremberg, from 9 to 11 April 2019, Hall 3, booth 213.